My Doylestown Tax & Accounting Services 

Let’s begin with a 30-minute consultation. This can happen in-person, over the phone, or online. Whether you are thinking about switching accounting providers, or contacting an accountant for the first time, we can talk about your concerns and decide if it makes sense to work together.

Unlike franchise tax preparation services, I have year-round availability. I can help you with your individual and small business tax preparation (of course!), and also your real life tax and accounting questions that pop up throughout the year. Come with your list and we will talk about all of them. No question is too basic. 

Tax Preparation

I offer three levels of tax preparation services

  • Basic: best for the individual or family who needs tax preparation, and does not require year-round tax/accounting support

  • Intermediate: best for individuals with a more complex tax life and who require tax preparation as well as tax support throughout the year. This level is required for sole proprietors or single member LLC clients

  • Advanced: best for very complex individuals and small businesses who require monthly consultation in addition to tax preparation

Tax Resolution 

If you’re receiving IRS notices, I can help you resolve your tax debt. There are three people who can talk to the IRS on your behalf, an attorney, an enrolled IRS agent, and your CPA. I have a special designation from the IRS and can intervene for you. 


Small Business Consulting 

Are you a new business, wondering how it all works? Perhaps you’ve been in business for awhile, but you’re disorganized, and not sure if you’re doing everything correctly. I offer an affordable, one-time consultation that covers all the basics and best practices.


For individual and business clients who are on my preferred platform (Quickbooks Online), I provide year-end accounting services to ensure that your books are clean and tax return ready.

I do not offer regular bookkeeping services. I partner with several professional bookkeepers in the area who can help you straighten out a mess, maintain your already beautiful books, and keep you headed in the right direction.


  1. How do I know when I’m ready for a CPA vs. DIY (doing it yourself)? If your taxes are fairly simple, you may not need a CPA. Here’s an example to help you understand:

    Lindsay is a recent college graduate with a salaried job, and is single with no children. She gets a W-2 and maybe some 1099s for bank account interest, so it’s pretty straightforward. Lindsay is accomplished and smart, so she may decide to handle this with TurboTax (and maybe a phone call to a friend for help).

    A few years later, Lindsay is married. She bought a house and still has her job, but has started a business on the side. Things are a bit more complicated and now Lindsay is a perfect candidate to come talk to me.

Next, imagine Lindsay in 15 years with a thriving business, two rental properties, and a few kids. She’s diligently saving for her kids’ college education, as well as contributing to her own retirement.  She owed a lot of money last year, and she’s not sure if this year will be even worse. Lindsay should have called me last year, and she should definitely call me this year!

2. You’ve received IRS notices and you have no idea what to do about it.
The IRS notices can be scary when they have your name on them. I can decipher those notices and explain (in language you’ll understand!) what you need to do about it, and help you get there. If you’ve ignored notices, and they’re starting to pile up, we need to talk ASAP. When we work together, you will be content knowing that your obligations are being met.

3. You’ve started a direct sales business (think: Arbonne, Mary Kay, Stella & Dot) and you’re not sure of your tax obligations. Many direct sales people are completely unprepared to file at the end of the year. Don’t be caught by surprise. The best-case scenario is that we speak before the tax year ends so I can help you maximize your deductions and pay less tax. 

4. Clients who are going through divorce: It’s not unusual to be unaware of your financial situation until you find yourself embroiled in divorce proceedings. I can help you make sure you know your numbers. If you are in the middle of a divorce, or even just contemplating this decision and wondering how this will affect your tax life, I can help you understand it from a tax perspective.

As you can see, my accounting services fit a wide-range of situations. Would you like to schedule your free consultation? Conveniently located on Main Street in Doylestown with plenty of parking!